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Diane Busuttil`s Funky Tap Workshop flaps, knobs, shuffles and pick-ups. If this is the language of Diane Busuttil, then no wonder her students come away from her workshops with a screw loose. Busuttil`s unique tap exercises focus on loosening and strengthening the ankle area, as well as creating many fun exercises to explore various rhythms, poly-rhythms and travelling floor combinations that develop into choreography. The main rhythmic focus will be funk, afro-cuban and acid jazz.

Busuttil trained in tap dance in Australia and in the USA and has been tap dancing her way around the world ever since. She was a performer with the dance theatre troupe Dorky Park with Constanza Macras. She has performed solo tap performances in Australia, England, The Netherlands as well as in Chicago and New York City in USA. In 2009 she performed with NYC DJ Nik Fit as part of the How Do You Are Festival in Bordeaux, France. Since 2010 Diane performs with drummer/ percussionist Tayfun Schulzke at private and corporate parties and festivals in Berlin.